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Recruitment test and aptitude test training

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Would you like to prepare as well as possible for your recruitment test, aptitude test or exam? Our online test trainer offers you optimal options for this:

You practice with the test areas that are important for your job and get to know the relevant tasks and the associated solutions. You acquire the necessary specialist knowledge and can familiarize yourself with the exam situation. Train under real conditions and continuously improve your performance profile – whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Test and exam preparation

  • Targeted preparation for the recruitment test, job and exam
  • Authentic tasks and detailed solutions with step-by-step instructions
  • Train under real test conditions and exam simulations
  • Get access to all learning materials Including free app access

Scope & Content

You get access to all subject-specific learning materials, professional fields and the constant expansion of our task pool.

Online & Interactive

We offer an interactive learning platform on which you can learn online with various formats - whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Tasks & Learning units

Practice with authentic and job-specific tasks in the areas of language, knowledge, logic, mathematics and much more. Learn with short, understandable videos for your test.

Test Mode & Adaptive Learning

In test mode, you train under real conditions and simulate the exam under time pressure. Learn individually and according to your current level of knowledge.

Solutions & learning progress

The test trainer supports you with explanations and solutions to each task. In addition, your learning progress is displayed at all times.

Experts & aptitude diagnostics

All tasks, tests and video courses are created by professional and subject experts and developed together with applicants as well as hiring and personnel consultants.

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We take e-learning to a new level! All tests and online courses are not only valid, precise and continuously up-to-date, but also make learning fun. As one of the leading learning portals in the field of careers and selection processes, we reach more than 500,000 visitors per month with our various websites.

In addition, we work closely with applicants, career and recruitment consultants and HR managers to be able to provide the best possible content for preparation for the recruitment test and examination. All tasks, tests and video courses are always designed and created by professional and technical experts.


More than 100,000 applicants have already prepared for their recruitment test, assessment center or exam with our test trainers, online courses, apps and books. But companies, schools, authorities and educational institutions also rely on the high standards of the nationwide known digital educational publisher and recommend the learning materials for practice.

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aptitude test prep

This includes our online test trainer:

All test fields

  • Interactive tests and exercises on general knowledge, language, logic, mathematics and concentration
  • Over 1,000 tasks as well as solutions and insider tips
  • including free App access

Aptitude & recruitment test

  • Prepeare yourself optimally for your aptitude test or recruitment test

Assessment Center

  • Practise for your assessment center and interview with various tasks and scripts

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Aptitude Test (general)

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Q&A for the recruitment test

Why are recruitment tests conducted?

A recruitment test is intended to find out whether you are suitable for the position to be filled. That’s why demanding tests are carried out where you have to prove your skills. The performance of all applicants is then evaluated.

If you meet the requirements and are among the best, you will receive an invitation to the oral selection process. This usually consists of an interview or a multi-stage assessment center.

When will you be invited to the recruitment test?

Not everyone who applies automatically receives an invitation to the recruitment test. The prerequisite for this is that you meet all the recruitment criteria that an authority provides. You can generally find these on their website.

Some authorities also carry out preliminary tests before the actual recruitment test, which you have to complete from home on the PC. In this pre-selection, only applicants who have achieved a minimum number of points in the pre-test receive an invitation to the recruitment test.

What are the tasks in the recruitment test?

Nowadays the recruitment tests are often carried out with the help of a computer. You have to answer the questions using the multiple choice method. This means that you will receive several answer options for the questions and should choose the right one from them.

The tasks in the recruitment test usually consisted of the areas of Language, mathematics, logic, concentration and knowledge. Depending on the career/authority, these can vary in difficulty and scope. In addition, the limited processing time puts you under pressure.

How can I pass the recruitment test?

Every recruitment test is different, but basically always follows the same structure in terms of its structure. It is therefore important that you internalize the specific processes and the typical tasks in order to be able to prevent exam stress.

Good preparation for the recruitment test is therefore enormously helpful in order to have a chance at all. In the best case you start practicing early, then you will master your recruitment test with confidence.