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Reaction speed test: Practise now for free!

reaction speed test

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Do our reaction tests for free and find out in which areas of life a reaction test is necessary. Our online reaction games train reaction skills at any age.

What is a reaction speed test?

The reaction speed test checks our ability to react, mostly to determine whether people, pilots, bus drivers or seniors are fit to drive. By responsiveness we mean the ability to react as quickly and purposefully as possible to one or more stimuli from the environment.

What is the reaction test for pilots?

Only about 5 percent of applicants pass the pilot test. However, only these can start one of the coveted training courses to become an airline pilot. What many applicants don’t know: You can prepare very well online for this demanding test. The knowledge test certainly takes up a large part of the test procedure, but the reaction and language test should not be underestimated either.

What is the reaction test for the passenger transport license?

Bus drivers, taxi drivers and rental car drivers must pass an occupational medical examination (also known as a psychometric examination) for the passenger transport license. This examination examines whether the personal attention, resilience, ability to concentrate, ability to orientate yourself and the ability to react are sufficiently pronounced for the desired certificate.

Reaction speed test – do it now for free!

If a reaction test is carried out, color signals often play an enormously important role. For example, the “Red – Green” reaction test is about colors that appear again and again in different tasks. The reason for this is obvious. The colors red and green also have a very special meaning in road traffic.

A good example of a corresponding reaction test is the so-called Stroop test. This test focuses on a central color button that represents a word or a color. For example, if the color in written letters on the button is “red”, the actual font color of the button can be green. In the test, the task of the participants is to determine the color in which the font is to be displayed as quickly as possible.

An alternative approach for the test of reaction, concentration and also eyesight is when a small field is displayed in red for example in the reaction test and this slowly changes its color to green. Participants must then show a reaction at the point at which they recognize this change in color. Of course, the sooner that happens, the better it is.

In this context, it should be mentioned that such reaction tests can of course be practiced without any problems. A separate computer or laptop, on which the reactions can be implemented using the buttons, is sufficient for this.

Every human being has a certain basic reaction speed. With the right training, this can be significantly improved.

Reaction test arrows

A popular exercise in the reaction test is the so-called reaction test with arrows, which is often also referred to as the combination test. There may be slight deviations in the design of the tasks in this test. Arrows are always part of the task, but instead of squares, for example, crosses can also be used. In some cases, this test is therefore also referred to as the “cross-arrow test”. However, the task always remains the same.

Test takers must determine which direction the arrows are pointing in the test. What sounds very easy at first becomes more and more difficult with the additional crosses or squares. If only the arrow appears and points in the right direction, for example, this can be set simply by clicking or using a control element. If a cross or square is added, the task changes slightly. Now it is necessary to determine the direction of the arrow from the point of view of the square or cross. A quick rethink is therefore required, and the reaction to this is measured in the test.

The good news: Even if arrows are “shot” in the reaction test, test participants can prepare well for the exercise. There are plenty of corresponding exercises online, so this task in the reaction speed test should not represent an insurmountable hurdle in the aptitude test.

Reaction speed test training

You want more exercises for your reaction speed test? Then you definitly should get or aptitude test online test trainer. There you will also find many other interactive exercises other important test parts like language, math, logic and concentration.

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