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Aptitude Test Prep – pass your tests

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
aptitude test prep

Aptitude Test Prep – Get fit with our online test trainer!

Our online testtrainer offers the optimal aptitude test prep. We’ll get you ready for testing areas like math, critical reading, creative writing, and more. We help you, to overcome your test anxiety. Start your preparation today!

Benefits of our course:

✅ Aptitude Test Prep – Preparation for all test areas of your aptitude test
✅ Exercises for logic, math, language, concentration & general knowledge
✅ Interactive and adaptive learning with the help of AI
✅ Test your level of knowledge and get direct feedback on your results
✅ Use our App und just train with your smartphone, tablet or laptop
✅ lifetime access to all course content, as well as updates and support


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What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job. The aptitude test is thus a rather rough selection procedure. It is not so much about specific job openings, but rather about an industry or occupational group and to determine to what extent a candidate is suitable for such.


What tasks are included in the aptitude test?

The aptitude test is not just about general knowledge. Above all, it is intended to demonstrate the skills and abilities that the applicant needs to be successful in the chosen profession, occupation or training program. These can be specific memory tests, logic tests, concentration tests, or even psychological test procedures. In fact, there are psychologists and entire institutes that specialize in aptitude diagnostics. You can find an overview of the individual task types on our exercise page with numerous tasks.



You will only be successful in the recruitment test if you are properly prepared. Our online course can help you with this!


What special recruitment tests are there?

In addition to the above-mentioned aptitude tests for a specific training position or a specific course of study, there are also other special aptitude tests that we present below.


Aptitude test for orientation

The more specialized tests that serve as orientation include the study aptitude test, the delta test, career selection test, study selection test and the orientation test.


What can I expect in the recruitment test?

That depends entirely on the training and, of course, on the company. Authorities and companies usually hold assessment centers lasting several days. Here you have to be prepared for rounds of interviews, group discussions, performance tests and post-basket exercises. The performance tests can vary depending on the company. However, certain questions are usually repeated. In practice, companies often use similar test elements in the recruitment test, which allows you to prepare for them a bit in advance. In almost half of the tests, your mathematical skills are tested. So you should prepare very well with logic tests and math exercises.

The general knowledge questions follow closely behind in popularity. So keep your knowledge up to date on current topics. Concentration tests and intelligence tests are also used in the recruitment test. Here, too, there are exercises that are often repeated and for which you can therefore prepare well. Last but not least, subject-specific questions are asked during the test. So you should take a very close look at the job description, know which fields of activity you will have to master in the end and deal with them in detail.


What free practice options are there?

Here you will find an overview of the important exercises for preparation. All these exercises can be done online and completely free of charge on our site. Of course, you should take some time for your preparations, as not all exercises and tasks can be memorized within a few days.


General knowledge

General knowledge tests are found almost universally in all recruitment tests. For this, you should have a good overview of the current status of various topics. You can find a test with general knowledge exercises from categories such as politics, economics, history, literature or technology here at Plakos. You can find all areas in our general knowledge category.


Logical thinking

In the section Logical Reasoning you will find exercises about analogies, figure series, dice, number series and number symbols. You can find an overview of all logic tasks in our category “Logical Thinking”.




The aptitude test can be quite math-heavy, especially in the case of commercial training. In addition to percentage calculations, rule of three and number sequences, you should also repeat area calculations, fractions, interest calculations and mental arithmetic.



Technology and spatial awareness

In technical apprenticeships, more emphasis is placed on imagination, basic knowledge of physics, such as force transmission and acceleration, and basic knowledge of the subjects of biology and chemistry.


Language skills and grammar

For many professions and courses of study, a particularly strong linguistic intelligence is important. Therefore, tasks on grammar, spelling, hyphenation, cloze and declension are often given. You can find all exercises for the German language in the section “Language comprehension”.


Performance, concentration and memory

Very often the endurance of the applicant is important for the future employer and can therefore also be checked with the help of a test. In addition, attention and memory are often among the test criteria. Here you will find some concentration exercises, such as the popular d2 test, exercises for inserting arithmetic signs and estimation tasks. Our online test trainer offers you the perfect aptitude test prep.



Approximately 25% of German companies use personality tests to select applicants. Mostly it is a standardized psychological test such as BIP, Big Five, Reiss Profile or MBTI. There is no right or wrong with these tests. It is more about finding out one’s own personal strengths, or as a company, finding out how the person behaves in certain situations. There are behaviors that are very useful in one profession, but completely harmful in others. Thus, it can be helpful to do some personality tests beforehand. Thus, you can find out in advance what results you are likely to get. The tests are especially recommended if you have not yet decided 100% for a certain profession.

Aptitude Test Prep – pass your tests

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  • 50 Verbal reasoning tests
  • 13 Diagrammatic reasoning tests
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