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MCAT Test Prep – pass your tests!

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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MCAT Test Prep – Get fit with our online test trainer!

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MCAT: This is how it works with the medical test in the USA and Canada

Are you dreaming of studying medicine at a university in the USA or Canada? Then you may have heard of the MCAT Test– the Medical College Admission Test. This is an extremely important test for the universities, with which the study ability of the students is to be checked in detail. Means for you: If you want to secure one of the study places, your performance here must be right. In order for this to work, you will find out all the important facts about the MCAT Test below.

Background: This is the Medical College Admission Test and that’s why it’s administered

In the USA. A bachelor’s degree is required in advance, which then entitles you to study medicine. In which area the bachelor was acquired is usually of secondary importance. And that’s exactly why tests like the MCAT need to be done. In the Medical College Admission Test, the prospective medical students are thoroughly tested and examined in terms of their ability to study. The results are then compared and the best students get a clear advantage. Incidentally, this not only applies to national students, but also to you if you are aiming to study abroad in the USA or Canada.

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Test structure and exam content: This is what matters in the MCAT Test

The entire MCAT test takes a little over four hours to complete. It is probably good for you to know that the test consists mainly of multiple-choice tasks. Here you will be presented with different answer options for each question. You will be tested in the following three areas:

  • Physical Sciences (physics and chemistry)
  • Biological Sciences (Biology)
  • Verbal reasoning (language-biological understanding)


Physical Sciences

In the Physical Sciences examination area, the focus is primarily on chemistry and physics. You have 70 minutes to answer various problem-solving tasks in these two areas.

Biological Sciences

Your fundamentals in organic chemistry and biology will be put under the microscope in the Biological Sciences section. Here, too, around 70 minutes are scheduled for the test.

Verbal reasoning

In the Verbal Reasoning section, your reading comprehension and text comprehension will be tested. Here you will be asked several questions about the natural sciences, humanities or social sciences within 60 minutes. It is good to know that no special knowledge is required, just basic knowledge.


Rating and replay: Can I replay?

The assessment of the test is relatively simple. Each part of the exam is given a score between 1 and 15, with 15 being the best score. The total score is made up of all three individual results. If you don’t pass, you can repeat the test several times to achieve the score. You can try up to three times within twelve months. Interesting: If you notice immediately after the test that it didn’t go well, you can have it deleted immediately. Then it will not be evaluated and also not rated in terms of the maximum number of tests.


Conclusion: Start your medical studies with the MCAT Test

Study places in the field of medicine are very popular. The MCAT is therefore an important indicator for universities when they want to select suitable students. With the right preparation, you have a good chance of taking this test. It’s different if you’re too casual about this whole thing. You can do more than one rep, but that will cost you valuable time. Accordingly, we advise you to prepare yourself intensively for the test and to master it on the first try.


MCAT Test Prep – pass your tests!

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