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PI Test online test training – pass your tests

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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PI Test online test training – pass your predictive index test!

Our online test trainer offers the perfect preparation for the PI Test. We’ll get you ready for test areas like “logical thinking”, “verbal reasoning”, “concentration” and “math” and help you to overcome your test anxiety.


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PI Test: Important information and tips for preparation

In the recruitment process, many companies now use a wide variety of methods to test their applicants. However, which test is actually used can vary greatly depending on the industry or profession. The PI Cognitive Assessment or the PI Behavioral Assessment, whose development dates back to the 1950s, is very common. In contrast to other test procedures, the PI test has a few special features. Here you can find out what you have to consider in the tasks and how you can best practice for the PI test.


What is the PI test?

A big difference between the PI assessment and other test procedures is the fact that the predictive index test is not directly a test in the classic sense. When you think of a test in a recruitment process, you probably think of tests where applicants have to answer specific questions that are either wrong or right. The PI test, on the other hand, is more of a personality assessment. The participants should present their own personality on the basis of the tasks set. Based on the result, the HR departments can then decide whether the person meets the personal requirement profile for the specific position.

The PI Cognitive Assessment is more like a job interview in which an applicant is asked to assess themselves in certain areas. However, the advantage of the Predictive Index Test is that the applicants are less able to predict which answer the questioner would like to hear. Questions in a job interview, which are intended to check the personal suitability of applicants, are often leading questions such as: What would you do if something specific happened. However, since you usually know what companies expect from their employees in certain areas, you can think of an answer that corresponds to this idea. With a PI assessment, this is not so easy.


This is how the predictive index test works

In general, the PI Cognitive Assessment is relatively simple in structure. The test usually includes two lists of different adjectives. On the first list, the applicants have to mark what behavior they think others expect from them. Then you continue with the second list, on which you should tick all the adjectives that you think describe you. All adjectives are associated with the four key factors dominance, extraversion, patience and formality, which describe one’s behavior in the workplace.

Dominance stands for the drive to influence people and events. On the other hand, extraversion is more about how much a person likes to engage in social interactions with other people. Patience is a key factor that describes the drive for consistency and stability, while formality is about how much a person strives for rules and structure. Depending on the profession in question, the four key factors have different weightings. For example, while extraversion plays an important role in social professions, formality is usually more important in the legal system.

The test itself is done relatively quickly. Typically, it only lasts between five and ten minutes. Since no knowledge is queried, but only one’s own assessment takes place, most applicants do not need a long processing time. After the test, a behavior pattern of the respective person is created based on the ticked adjectives. Companies can then use this to assess whether an applicant is suitable for a specific position or not. The PI Cognitive Assessment is often used not only in the application process, but also, for example, in decisions regarding promotions.

PI Cognitive Assessment exercises in preparation

The fact that the PI test is a personality test and not a knowledge test doesn’t mean that you can’t still prepare for it. Our online trainers are a great way to preview a PI test example so you can familiarize yourself with the testing process. Even with a personality test, it doesn’t hurt if you know exactly what to expect beforehand.

In addition, our test trainers will give you an impression of which personality profiles are advantageous in the various industries. This helps you to check in advance whether the position is right for you. It is not without reason that companies create certain profiles that they believe applicants should fulfill in the best possible way for the future job. If you don’t have a personality that suits your job at all, you will not only have little success, you will probably not be happy either. Of course, it also helps if you get an impression of which adjectives are particularly advantageous in certain jobs in the test through the PI Cognitive Assessment exercises. In the end, this can definitely make the difference, especially in tight application processes.


PI Test online test training – pass your tests

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