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Cognitive performance test: All you need to know

cognitive performance test

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A cognitive performance test is a common part of recruitment tests and online assessments. Many companies and universities rely on this type of test procedure to check the suitability of future apprentices, trainees, executives or students for a specific training, position or a specific study place. In the following, we will tell you which tasks this test contains and how you can practice for your cognitive performance test.

How can I practice for a cognitive ability test?

A well-known type of cognitive performance test is the classic intelligence test. In this test, disciplines such as logical thinking, numerical and linguistic thinking, as well as spatial thinking can be tested. In the following, we will present some of the task areas in more detail that a cognitive performance test can contain.

Numerical thinking

A cognitive ability test often includes a section on numerical reasoning. The aim is to check the number-logical understanding with the help of mental arithmetic or series of numbers.

Verbal thinking

Your verbal intelligence will be tested in the linguistic thinking part. For example, you have to find analogies, find synonyms or complete sentences.

Reasoning thinking

This test area is about interpreting different information correctly. These can be presented in text form, as a table or as a diagram.

Spatial thinking

In order to test your ability to think three-dimensionally, you have to, for example, mentally rotate objects in various tasks and choose the right image for the respective perspective from various possible images.


Memory training should also be part of your preparation for a cognitive performance test. Because memory is often checked on the basis of various tasks. You could be for example presented with a series of objects that you should later play back in the correct order.

Preparation – Cognitive performance test

You can practice all of the test areas just described with our online test trainer. Just use your smartphone, laptop or tablet and prepare yourself interactively. We not only offer you numerous tasks for all test disciplines, but also extensive solutions and explanations. In this way you create optimal conditions for a good result in your cognitive performance test.

Cognitive performance tests in psychology

Achievement tests in psychology are recognized procedures for measuring a person’s performance in certain areas. In contrast to personality tests, there is always a good and bad value that can be achieved in psychological performance tests. Performance tests are an effective tool for companies to select suitable applicants for a vacant position or training.

Different types of cognitive ability tests

Performance tests are categorized into speed tests and level tests. We present the differences in more detail below.

Speed test

In the speed test, the time to solve tasks is limited. The time is usually that short that it is impossible to solve all the tasks. The speed test category includes, for example, our IQ test or our memory training.

Level test

In the level test, the level of difficulty increases with each solved task. If you as a test person have been able to solve a few tasks from the lower level, there are more tasks from the higher level. This often goes on until a level is reached where the tasks can no longer be solved. Many quiz shows are structured according to the same principle. Our math test, logic test, English test, computer science test, general knowledge test and many more are level tests.

Differentiation from other performance tests

Achievement testing is not just a topic for psychologists. They are also used in computer science and competitive sports. Here we have some information about it.

Sports test

The athletic performance test is used for suitability diagnostics in a physical occupation. Anyone interested in studying sports, training with the police, fire brigade or customs cannot avoid a sports test.

Lactate test

In sports diagnostics, the lactate test is a common procedure that measures the acidic metabolite lactate in the body. Based on the lactate values, health training plans can be created.

Computer performance test

The hardware and network performance tests from computer science have nothing to do with the performance tests presented here. The PC performance test or the Internet performance test are popular tools for testing the performance of the hardware or the network connection.

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