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An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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Our online testtrainer offers the perfect preparation for the ACT test. We’ll get you ready for test areas like “knowledge of the english language”, “mathematics” and “critical reading” and help you to overcome your test anxiety.


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ACT Test: What does the American College Test look like?

Many young people are united by the dream of graduating from a US college. But precisely because the demand is so enormous, not everyone who is interested actually gets to enjoy this. One hurdle is the so-called ACT test – the American College Test. You can find out what it looks like and what else you should know about it here.


American College Testing Program: Who is it for?

The abbreviation ACT stands for American College Testing Program or American College Test. This is an achievement test that can be used to prove a university entrance qualification. The test can certainly be described as being steeped in tradition. It was introduced as early as 1959. It is a direct competitor to the SAT test of the College Board. As an exchange student, you can prove in advance that you will be able to follow the lessons at the college with a successful test.

However, this test for universities is by no means only conducted abroad. In America, too, the ACT is offered four to six times a year. Acceptance of the test is spread across universities throughout the country. As a rule, the results are accepted everywhere.


ACT Test in detail: What to expect

The ACT test consists of four different test areas. All test areas are tested in the form of multiple-choice questions. You can therefore choose from different answer options for each question. Each area is scored with a natural number from 1 to 36. The result is then calculated from the average of the four sub-areas. And these are the four core areas:


  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Mathematics
  • Read
  • Scientific argumentation


Knowledge of the English language


In the first test area, a total of 75 questions await you to test your knowledge of the English language. You have 45 minutes to complete the test, which focuses on grammatical and rhetorical skills – for example, tasks on correcting sentences or forming logical sequences in sentences.




After the test in English, the next test is in the area of maths. This is a 60-minute test in which a total of 60 questions are asked. These are divided into 14 questions from (pre-)algebra, 10 tasks from the area of elementary algebra, 9 tasks from advanced algebra, 14 questions on simple geometry, 9 questions on analytical geometry and 4 tasks from the area of trigonometry.




In the reading section, you have to answer 40 questions about the comprehension of four texts from different areas within 35 minutes. The texts are from the following areas: Prose, Social Sciences, Humanities and Science.


Scientific argumentation


The final part of the test is scientific reasoning with a 35-minute test and 40 questions from the areas of graphical representation, contradictory opinions and interpretation of research results.


Conclusion: Secure your college place with the ACT test

A place at a college in the USA does not have to remain a dream for you. Even if the hurdles are by no means easy to jump, it is definitely possible. The important thing is to find out early on which requirements you have to fulfil. This also applies to the ACT test. You will be tested in various areas. And you should work through all of these in your training. The more intensive and better your preparation, the easier it will be for you to solve the tasks in the test areas. And this will also have an effect on your overall score in the ACT test.

ACT Test Prep – pass your tests

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