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Matrix test in the aptitude test: Practise for free!

matrix test

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The matrices test can be completed by anyone, as no specialist knowledge is required. There are only logical tasks that can be solved without any knowledge of the language. This means that our matrices test can be taken in any language and nationality, regardless of cultural differences. Due to the lack of language barriers, the matrices test is very often used in international IQ tests by well-known associations such as Mensa and the International High IQ Society.

Matrix test vs. math matrices

A matrix test, as known from aptitude tests or IQ tests, has more in common with a series of figures than with a mathematical matrix. Mathematical matrices usually deal with the tabular arrangement of numbers. Linear equation systems can thus be described and solved better and more easily. In the matrix test, a logical test, not numbers but certain figures are arranged in a table.

The aim of the matrix test is to find the matching figure in a specific series of figures. It is important to note how the shape of the figures is structured, what position they have and what colors were used. Here you will find suitable exercises, completely free of charge.

Matrice test items can be practiced very well, so that you can solve the test items better later in the aptitude test, recruitment test or IQ test. Since the tasks in such tests are always the same, preparation can be very helpful. Not only logical thinking, but often the (spatial) imagination is trained.

Practise the matrix test for free!

Important tip for the solution

The matrix test checks whether you can draw the right conclusions. This type of test is not for everyone, so exercises are all the more important in order to be able to quickly recognize a specific pattern in the task. If you look at a certain matrix, you immediately notice the colors, the position, the size and the type of individual figures. Then, in the next step, put the figures in relation to each other. How does the first figure differ from the second, the second from the third, etc. Is there a certain tendency? What are the differences between the figures in a horizontal row and in the vertical level? Usually there are horizontal or vertical certain similarities that are decisive for the solution.

Matrices tasks in selection tests

Logical tasks such as matrices, series of numbers or analogies are an important tool for checking the logical thinking of candidates in selection tests. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking an aptitude test for a course of study, an aptitude test for an apprenticeship or another selection process: good preparation for the various test tasks is the be-all and end-all.

Example tasks:

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