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AON Assessment Test Prep – pass your tests

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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AON Assessment Test with our online test trainer!

Our online test trainer offers the perfect preparation for the AON Assessment Test. We’ll get you ready for test areas like “logical thinking”, “verbal reasoning”, “concentration” and “math” and help you to overcome your test anxiety.


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AON Assessment Test: Important information and tips for your preparation

When developing a recruitment test or an assessment center, companies like to rely on the services of companies that have specialized in test procedures. One such company is AON. The AON tests are used in many selection processes, so it is quite likely that you will also have to take an AON test when you apply. We will explain everything to do with the AON Assessment, which things you need to consider and how you can practice the AON Assessment Test.

What is the AON Test?

The company AON has been developing test procedures and questionnaires for companies for many years in order to support them in personnel selection and personnel development. AON is now active in over 90 countries and offers test procedures in 40 languages. The AON Assessment is therefore used all over the world. The Hamburg-based company cut-e has also been part of AON since 2017, so that the cut-e test is now technically an AON assessment test.

An important focus in the development of the AON assessment is that the AON test can usually be completed online. This is very beneficial for companies, as they no longer necessarily have to invite applicants to a specific location for a test day. Instead, every candidate can easily complete the AON online test at home.

Various tests in the AON Assessment

Due to the fact that AON develops test procedures for a wide variety of companies, there is not just one AON online test, but quite different ones. The tasks in the tests can check knowledge, for example, but also things like concentration or intelligence. Certain skills are also tested once in a while. For example, if good multitasking skills are an important requirement for a job, companies like to take an AON multitasking test. Personality questions can also be part of the AON assessment, since these companies give the opportunity to check whether the personality of the applicant matches the specific requirement profile of the advertised position.

Regardless of the content actually queried, the structure of an AON test is usually relatively similar. The fact that the tests are typically carried out over the Internet and thus on a screen has the advantage for AON that they can explain the test procedure using various means. At the beginning of the AON Assessment Test there is a short introduction with the following task description. The test is then explained again with an interactive sequence. Finally, a few sample tasks follow to clear the last questions out of the way. Applicants don’t have to worry about running out of time. The official time measurement in the AON test only begins after the introduction has been fully completed.



Practice the AON Assessment Test

Since the AON assessment is often carried out at home, participants have the advantage that they can decide when to take the test themselves. Accordingly, you should start the AON Assessment Test in such a way that you are alert and fit. If you tend to be particularly active in the afternoon, this is also the best time for the test. Night owls, on the other hand, should start in the evening.

In addition, it is worth practicing the AON Assessment Test. However, due to the fact that AON works for so many companies, good preparation is not easy. Here it is advisable to take a close look at the websites of the companies in advance. These often indicate what kind of AON test is waiting for the applicants. If you know, for example, that you have to take a cut-e test or an AON multitasking test, you can prepare yourself in a much more targeted manner.

Optimal preparation for the AON Assessment Test

Our online trainers are a good way of practicing an AON assessment test and preparing you optimally for your recruitment process. Put together with expert knowledge and a lot of experience, our trainers will help you to get fit for the AON test. You not only acquire knowledge and skills that can make the difference in the later AON assessment, you also get to know the test procedure itself. This point in particular is often underestimated by many applicants.

Recruitment tests such as the AON test are often intentionally very short. It is therefore important not to waste a second. Anyone who is then already familiar with the various test procedures and does not first have to understand the questions saves important time and in the end can perhaps answer the one more question that makes the difference.

In addition, you can approach the AON assessment much calmer if you already know what to expect. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, our test trainers will help you to recognize possible stumbling blocks in advance and to practice them in a targeted manner. When you are optimally prepared for the test, you can later tackle the tasks in the AON test without much nervous jitters and with the appropriate self-confidence.

AON Assessment Test Prep – pass your tests

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