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Math aptitude test – Practise with our free exercises!

math aptitude test

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Do you know the saying “Whoever can do math has a clear advantage”? The old saying is no coincidence, because those who are good at math also have it easier in their private lives. But you should also be able to handle numbers and calculate well in the math aptitude test in the recruitment test. Because mathematics is particularly important for the selection process of applicants and is part of the examination in every recruitment test.

Understandable: in almost all professions and industries you have to be good with numbers and at least be able to do basic arithmetic. Compiling statistics and balances, calculating torques and currents, tendering price discounts, calculating quantities, areas or contents – mathematics is more important in professional life than you think. On this page we give you more information, tips and free exercises for your math aptitude test.

Test training: Test your math skills online

With this free math test you can test your math skills and practice for emergencies!

What to expect in the math aptitude test during the selection process

In regards of pocket calculators, smartphones and automated checkout systems, you hardly have to do any math in your head these days. But what if there is no calculator at hand or the technology fails? The customers still want to buy the product and the amount to be paid must be calculated correctly. Also in gastronomy, in pharmacies and in the crafts, the mastery of basic arithmetic and some more are existential.

No matter what job you are aiming for, you should be as confident as possible in the math aptitude test. Different focal points are always set in the math test, which mainly depends on the required educational qualification and the respective activity. The higher the professional requirements, the more demanding are the math tasks in the recruitment test.

Typical math exercises in the aptitude test

Although each math test contains different tasks and questions, certain math tasks can be found more often in the aptitude test. From simple basic arithmetic to interest and percentage calculations or symbol calculations, the range of different types of tasks in the math aptitude test is diverse. In commercial and manual trades, e.g. For example, special emphasis is placed on mastering word problems. So that you can impress your future employer with your arithmetic skills, we recommend that you prepare well for the math part of the recruitment test and refresh or deepen your basic mathematical knowledge in advance. Because in many exams there are no aids, e.g. B. a calculator, allowed.

Basic arithmetic

We all learned the basics of arithmetic in school. So everyone should know what to do when adding or multiplying two numbers. You can check your skills in this area with our free online math test.

Mental arithmetic

Customers often don’t have time and like to ask for rough estimates or discounts when they order larger quantities. Professionals in their profession are therefore good at mental arithmetic and can calculate the price for four new tires including fitting or a 5% discount on an order in their heads. If you are not that fit yet, train with our mental arithmetic test, which we make available to you online.

Convert measurements and weights

How many cm is a meter and how much does a ton weigh? Such questions are standard in the math portion of recruitment tests. You’ll need to be fairly familiar with area measurements and volume to avoid wasting these points. Thanks to our math aptitude test with solutions, you’ll soon be mastering units of measurement and weight in your sleep.

Geometry test

Adjacent, opposite and hypotenuse, you should definitely have heard of the Pythagorean theorem. Calculating the lengths, areas and contents of triangles, squares, circles and solids should also be part of your basic geometry knowledge. Depending on where and for which position you are applying, there may be more or less geometry tasks in the recruitment test.

Math word problems

Word problems often seem more complicated than they really are. If you have some practice in approaching the tasks systematically, you will find the right solution. With our large selection of questions, you will learn to filter out the necessary information from long text problems and thus quickly find the solution.

Decimal and Fractions

Converting fractions to decimals is a typical maths major in a math aptitude test. A number of exams still ask you to reduce fractions until you have identified the lowest common denominator. Although this area is only rarely used in the real professional world, it is advisable to complete some exercises in this mathematical sub-area.

Percent and interest calculation

Interest and compound interest calculation – anyone in finance can sing a song about how extensively this topic has been covered in training. Most tests today don’t go into that much detail, but you should still know how to calculate sales tax, for example, or how much a sixth of something is. When calculating percentages, the best way to achieve this is usually with a rule of three and two calculation steps.

Symbol arithmetic and number symbols

Symbol arithmetic is a very popular exam area in math tests and represents a challenge for many applicants. Because the math problems with the number symbols cannot always be solved right away, despite supposedly easy basic calculations. Because instead of the numbers, only symbols can be seen. Your task now is to find out the numerical value behind a certain symbol.

Add arithmetic symbols

What calculation do you have to do to get the displayed result? Which digit is missing in this series of numbers? Such tasks are often asked in the mathematics test. So you see an arithmetic problem without arithmetic symbols or numbers in front of you and you should find out which types of arithmetic or digits have to be added to get the given sum.

Estimation tasks

When it comes to estimating tasks, there is also time pressure: Often you only have a few seconds to give the answer. You also need a bit of courage to add several five-digit numbers and write down the result in five seconds. Practicing a good feel for numbers is especially valuable for this type of math aptitude test.

Practise mathematics: Tips for numbering

Arithmetic isn’t for everyone, but you can’t avoid it in the recruitment test. The only thing that really helps to do well here is practice. We help you learn with percentages, fraction tests, number matrices, math word problems and much more in our Aptitude Test Online Trainer!

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