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GMAT Test Prep – online test trainer

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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GMAT Test Prep – Get fit with our online test trainer!

Our online testtrainer offers the optimal GMAT test prep. We’ll get you ready for test areas like mathematics, critical reading and creative writing and many more. We help you, to overcome your test anxiety. Start your preparation today!

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GMAT test – What you should know beforehand

In order to check the suitability of students or those interested in studying, many universities use different test methods. The GMAT test is also one of the tests that are used frequently. Especially in the USA, many business schools use the selection test.


purpose and function

The GMAT Test was designed by the Graduate Management Admission Council. This is an amalgamation of various American business universities. In accordance with its origin, the test procedure, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is primarily used in English-speaking countries. The aim is to use the test to check the suitability of applicants for a postgraduate master’s degree at a business faculty . So if you plan to do a master’s degree in economics in the USA or in England after your bachelor’s degree, you will most likely come into contact with the GMAT.

In contrast to many other test procedures, the GMAT is not a language test. It is actually about knowledge and economic background. Accordingly, you should place great value on content when preparing. However, the issue of language should not be neglected. The test tasks are in English and the answers must also be given in the language. In addition, the test includes an essay, which must also be written in English, and a task area where spelling and grammar are important.


Where can I do the GMAT test and what does it cost?

Since the test is standardized, it generally doesn’t matter where you take it. In contrast to classic selection procedures, such as those used by many companies, you are not usually invited by the respective university to take the test on site. Instead, interested parties have to take care of the test themselves and then only enclose the results with their application. There are various certified test centers where a GMAT can be taken.

Since the test and the evaluation are associated with effort, test participants also have to pay a fee. At $250 plus taxes, this is anything but cheap. You should also think carefully about the date, since a postponement costs another 50 dollars. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the test. However, this is possible a maximum of five times a year, whereby the full fees always have to be paid. Also, there must not be less than 31 calendar days between two attempts. Registration for the GMAT can be done either online or via a hotline.


The structure of the test

The GMAT is divided into four different task areas. All tasks are answered on a computer, with a time limit in each case.

However, the first part of the task contains only one task. The Analytical Writing Assessment is an essay that deals with a specific economic topic. The test participants have a total of 30 minutes to work through the text, which should be between 300 and 500 words.

It then continues with the area Integrated Reasoning Section (networked thinking). The focus here is on figures, tables and graphics. The aim is to interpret these correctly in a total of twelve tasks and to analyze the various data in detail. Again, a processing time of 30 minutes is planned.

The conclusion is formed by the two test areas Quantitative Section (mathematical reasoning) and Verbal Section (linguistic reasoning). These are of particular importance for the evaluation, which is also reflected in the processing time. The test participants have 75 minutes each for the two tasks. The Quantitative Section focuses on mathematical tasks, while the Verbal Section focuses on reading and grammar comprehension. Logic also plays a role in linguistic reasoning. For example, a popular task is to give participants a true statement and then have them choose another true statement from a variety of possible answers.


Difficulty level and results

The questions for the GMAT are selected by a computer, and the difficulty can vary. The computer chooses the next question based on the previous answer. If your answer was correct, you get a more difficult question, if you answered incorrectly, you get an easier one. The simpler the questions, the lower the points you get for answering them. This in turn affects the overall score at the end.

Test takers receive a provisional result immediately after the test. Typically, there is a total value that ranges between 200 and 800 points. A percentage is also possible. The average results range from 500 to 550 points. However, many universities require at least 600 points, in some cases even up to 700 points, for a degree.


Preparation for the GMAT Test

Based on the results and the requirement from many universities, it should be clear that the GMAT Test is not an easy matter. For this reason, experts recommend appropriate preparation, which should last at least four weeks. There are a number of ways to approach preparation. On the one hand, you can take matters into your own hands and practice using test tasks on the Internet.

Alternatively, there are also courses that are offered either online or at certain locations. Again, there are different variants. While crash courses convey the most important content in a day or two, there are also longer courses that last a whole week or more. In both cases, however, there are additional costs, which can be in the four-digit range for five-day courses.

At this point we would like to recommend our GMAT test trainer. With this you can easily prepare yourself online and interactively for all test areas of the GMAT Test and get direct feedback on your results. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to prepare yourself optimally for your test.

GMAT Test Prep – online test trainer

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