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An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
sat test prep

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Our online testtrainer offers the perfect preparation for the SAT test. We’ll get you ready for test areas like mathematics, critical reading and creative writing and will help you, to overcome your test anxiety.

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SAT Test: Everything you need to know about the Scholastic Assessment Test

It is well known that it is not always easy to study abroad without hurdles. Especially if you have chosen one of the universities or colleges in the USA. Here, various test procedures are often carried out to check future students with regard to their ability to study. One of these is the SAT, the Scholastic Assessment Test. What you can expect here and what else you should know is explained below.


This is the SAT test: background and facts

Universities in the USA have been around for hundreds of years. The SAT test is also more than 100 years old. It used to be called the Scholastic Achievement Test, but is now called the Scholastic Assessment Test. Or simply the SAT test. This test is administered by the non-profit organisation College Board and tests the study ability of prospective students for numerous colleges and universities in the country. This now includes more than 6,000 colleges and other educational institutions. However, as a foreign applicant, you may not be required to take the SAT. It is best to find out in advance whether the SAT College Test is compulsory for you.


This is what the Scholastic Assessment Test looks like

Basically, the SAT is divided into three major areas of responsibility. You can see what these areas are here:


  • Mathematics
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing


In addition to these three major task areas on the SAT test, the tasks in the SAT Subject Tests are also included in some cases. These are tasks from subject-specific examination areas. At some universities, these are compulsory. You can take these tests in up to three examination modules. You can choose from 20 examination modules from the five subject areas of English, history, languages, mathematics and natural sciences.




In this task area, you are mainly faced with multiple-choice questions. However, some questions are also asked without multiple answer options. You have a total of 70 minutes for this section.


Critical reading


Critical reading is mainly about understanding texts or text passages. You have to answer various questions about the text passages or complete sentences. The questions are multiple-choice tasks. You have 70 minutes to complete the test.




In this section of the exam, you have 60 minutes to write a short essay, correct mistakes in existing sentences and improve sentences in the overall context of the text.


SAT Subject Tests


The content of the SAT Subject Tests naturally depends on the respective subject areas. Here, too, you will be asked multiple-choice questions and have to answer them. In addition, you may have to participate in listening exercises in some exams, for example, in order to answer language comprehension tasks.


Scoring your performance: How is the SAT test scored?

The SAT test follows clear guidelines for scoring. Each of the areas of mathematics, critical reading and creative writing is scored between 200 and 800. 800 corresponds to a good grade and high score – 200 is the lowest score. How many points were achieved here is then simply added up. In addition, two so-called subscores are added for the creative disc. Between two and twelve points are awarded for the essay, and between 20 and 80 points for answering the multiple-choice questions.


Conclusion: Convince with good performance in the SAT test

Of course, if you want to enrol at a US university, it doesn’t just happen. In most cases, you will have to pass the SAT test, which the university will of course explain to you in advance. One thing you can be sure of is that preparation for the SAT English test is of enormous importance. You can only be convincing if you start preparing well in advance of the exam. And the better you do this, the more convincing your performance in the exam will be.

SAT Test Prep – pass your tests

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