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SHL Online Test Prep – pass your tests

An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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Our online testtrainer offers the perfect preparation for the SHL Online Test. We’ll get you ready for all important test areas and will help you to overcome your test anxiety.


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Preparation for the SHL Online Test – Exercises

Numerous large corporations such as E.ON, DHL, Coca Cola and KPMG use SHL’s online tests and assessment centre solutions for personnel selection and development. We reveal how applicants and employees can prepare for the tests online. Above you can see exercises we developed ourselves on inductive reasoning.


SHL online test portal with exercises

The SHL Group has provided its own online portal especially for practising: SHL Direct DE. There, applicants and employees can find general information about the procedure used. This way many applicants lose their inhibitions and fear of the assessment centre procedure used. Different types of tests are used in the assessment centre. These can be, for example, performance tests/skills tests, personality tests, situational assessment tests, interviews, and extensive assessment centre exercises. In the following, we will briefly discuss the different procedures.


Ability tests / performance tests

The skills tests are mainly used for applicant selection and screening. Employers want to find out whether the competences defined in the job profile can be fulfilled by the applicants. IQ test tasks, logic tests, maths tasks, language tests, spatial imagination tasks and many more belong to this category.


Personality tests

The personality test section is also about competencies, but less about hard skills as in the performance test, and more about soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, social competence, cooperation, dominance, stability and many more.


Assessment Centre Exercises

In the assessment centre exercises, candidates have to complete entire tasks related to the desired job. Typically, group exercises, presentations and role plays are used for this.


Situational judgement tests

In this special test procedure, typical situations in the workplace are simulated. Candidates are asked to respond appropriately to a specific situation.


react. Afterwards, the committee assesses whether the chosen response was indeed appropriate and meets the requirements.



In a personal interview, candidates are asked about their previous experience, career goals and interests. Honesty is very important in such interviews. In any case, one should avoid statements that one would later regret in practice.

SHL Online Test Prep – pass your tests

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  • 50 Numerical reasoning tests
  • 50 Verbal reasoning tests
  • 13 Diagrammatic reasoning tests
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We offer thousands of practice tasks for all kinds of aptitude tests. Practice tasks that are really asked! You learn effectively on an interactive learning platform exactly what is required in the test – not too much and not too little. Prepare yourself optimally with a structured process, solutions and learning progress displays. This is how you pass your aptitude test with certainty.

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Our interactive learning platform offers you active learning with different formats. Acquire knowledge effectively with well-structured online courses. Available as an app and on all devices - whether computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

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Prepare yourself with basic exercises and improve your skills in the areas of language, knowledge, logic and concentration. You will also receive job-specific tasks and information suitable for your chosen professional field/package.

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Stuck on a task? No problem! We support you with detailed explanations and solutions to each task. In addition, your learning progress is displayed at all times.