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Knowledge test: Practise with our exercises!

knowledge test

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With our general knowledge test, you train your general knowledge with tasks from over 300 different categories and levels of difficulty – complete the general knowledge test online, without registration and completely free of charge.

What can a knowledge test include?

By definition, general knowledge is the knowledge that every person needs in order to be able to orient themselves in the world. Knowledge that has interdisciplinary relevance is often referred to as general knowledge. In contrast to general knowledge, specialist knowledge is always limited to a certain special field. The terms general knowledge and general education are often used synonymously, which is not entirely correct. Because by general education we usually mean the formation and development of a person’s mental and personal abilities. Psychologists who have specialized in the development of general knowledge tests as part of selection processes often classify general knowledge into the following knowledge areas:

  • State, politics, society
  • Geography
  • Business
  • History
  • Literature
  • Art, music
  • Technology, physics
  • Sports
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • and “special common knowledge” such as personalities, discoveries, and symbols.

What do you need general knowledge for?

Psychologists are sure that there is a connection between intelligence and general knowledge. Because if you have a fairly high IQ, you can link related knowledge and thus remember it better. In other words, if you have a high IQ, you will probably also have a high level of general knowledge. General knowledge questions are an integral part of recognized IQ tests such as the IST 2000 R.

How can I practise for my general knowledge test?

Regardless of whether you are applying for an apprenticeship or a degree. Everyone can compete online with others here, without registration and completely free of charge. After each task, the correct result is displayed. So everyone has an immediate learning effect and can improve next time. Go ahead and test your general knowledge right away! You will get numerous general knowledge questions and answers on our website. Books, apps and daily information about world events are also helpful. See our product recommendations at the bottom of the page.

What general knowledge questions are asked in the recruitment test?

With our test questions on general knowledge, you are well prepared for the recruitment test or aptitude test. The selection of questions is specially designed for the aptitude test or recruitment test.

New questions every day

Our general knowledge changes daily. That is why the general knowledge test is constantly being adapted. Current tasks are constantly being added. Others that are no longer part of general knowledge are removed. The test contains numerous current questions. You learn something new with every task you solve. Many have difficulty with history, geography, or biology. This test will help you get started and make you look good in the recruitment test.

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