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An aptitude test tests a candidate’s knowledge, personality, intelligence, and concentration to determine whether he or she is suitable for a certain educational path or job.
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Our online test trainer offers the perfect preparation for the Wonderlic Test. We’ll get you ready for test areas like “logical thinking”, “verbal reasoning”, “concentration” and “math” and help you to overcome your test anxiety.


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Wonderlic Test prep: Important information and tips for preparation

Many companies rely on an IQ test when selecting their employees. However, which test is actually used can vary greatly. In the English-speaking world, for example, the Wonderlic test is very common. This offers a quick way for companies to test the intelligence of applicants. We give you an overview of the test procedure and explain what you should pay attention to in the Wonderlic test.

What is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test is one of the older test procedures in personnel selection. The process was developed in 1939 by Eldon F. Wonderlic. Today it is mainly used in the USA, where many companies use the IQ test in the application process.  If you plan to apply in an English-speaking area, then it is definitely worth practicing the Wonderlic test.

The great advantage of the test procedure is the fact that it is comparatively quick. The test only takes about twelve minutes. During this time, the participants have to answer 50 questions, with one point for each correct answer. Those who achieve 20 points at the end are assigned average intelligence. A result of over 20 points also means above-average intelligence.

The variants of the Wonderlic test

In most cases, the Wonderlic test is an intelligence test. Applicants must demonstrate that they can grasp and solve problems and have good learning skills. In addition to the typical test with 50 questions, there is also a shorter variant in which only 30 tasks have to be solved, with the processing time being reduced to eight minutes. This test variant is primarily used when companies only want to get a rough overview of the applicants.

In addition to the intelligence test, there is also a Wonderlic motivation and a Wonderlic personality test. In some cases, applicants may have to complete all three tests in one application process. Very often only the intelligence test is used. Due to their nature, the motivation and personality tests are designed so that companies can get an idea of ​​the personality of an applicant. Therefore, it is also more difficult to practice this Wonderlic test.

Practice the Wonderlic Test

Intelligence tests have the advantage that you as an applicant can prepare for them. Experience has shown that people who deal with and practice an intelligence test achieve better results, even if the specific questions and tasks change. So that you can get an idea of ​​the tasks in the test procedure, we have a Wonderlic test example here:

1. Assuming the first two statements are true, then the third statement is:

A True

B Wrong

C Not sure

The boy is playing football. All soccer players wear a cap. The boy is wearing a hat.

2. Which number in the following row indicates the smallest value.

7 0.8 23 0.33 2

3. A boy is 17 years old and his sister is 23 years old. How old is the sister if the boy turns 23?


Successfully pass the Wonderlic test with the right preparation

If a Wonderlic test awaits you in an application process, then good preparation is the key to success. Our online test trainers are the ideal way to practice the Wonderlic test. You can use them to prepare for the test conveniently online, thereby significantly increasing your chances.

Mind you, it’s not just about the knowledge that you need in the test. As our Wonderlic test example shows, the questions themselves are not that difficult. More problematic for many participants is the fact that they have to answer 50 questions in just twelve minutes. This results in a processing time of just over 14 seconds for each task.

So, time plays a very important role in the Wonderlic testing process and therefore it can be a crucial advantage if you are already familiar with the testing process and the different question types. Although different questions are asked in each test, the type of question is always similar. Accordingly, our test trainers will help you to familiarize yourself with the procedure and the questions. So you don’t have to waste a second in the actual test to understand what the task actually is, but you can go directly to the solution.

In addition, preparing for the Wonderlic test also helps to calm your own nerves. If you already know what to expect and have experienced the time pressure beforehand, you don’t have to fear any nasty surprises. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, you know both the procedure and the task types and you know exactly how to pass the test successfully.


Wonderlic Test Prep – pass your tests

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